The Laughter Challenge


YouTube Videos

1. Funniest Game Show Answers: A compilation of hilarious answers to game show questions from over the years.

2. The NFL Bad Lip Reading: Absurd and strange dialog is dubbed over football clips for a very entertaining montage.

3. Jimmy Fallon & Adam Levine do Musical Impressions: Who knew Maroon 5’s Adam Levine was such a good impressionist?

4. John Oliver on Miss America: This is a longer piece, but insightful and extremely funny at the end.

5. Bruno Mars and Ellen DeGeneres Prank a Nurse: This is a tear inducing-ly funny segment of Bruno Mars backstage at the Ellen show being treated for a sore throat. When a nurse comes in to check him out, Ellen is feeding him ridiculous things to say via an earpiece.

6. Will Ferrell & Chad Smith Drum Battle on Jimmy Fallon: Comedian Will Ferrell looks remarkably similar to the Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s drummer, Chad Smith. They meet up on the Tonight Show for a very funny drum-off.

7. Celebrities Read Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel: There are six or seven of these episodes now, all are great to watch. Celebrities are asked to read (and sometimes react to) mean tweets about themselves.

8. Taylor Swift: I Knew You Were A Goat: It’s just ridiculous. And you can’t help but laugh.

9. Brian Williams Gin and Juice: The Tonight Show made an awesome mashup of anchor Brian Williams rapping to Snoop Dog’s Gin and Juice.

10. Ice Cube, Conan and Kevin Hart Share a Lyft Car: And they film what happens.

11. Will Ferrell in Tears on Conan: He’s all busted up about the Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson breakup and it’s all sorts of great.

12. Louis C.K. Hates Cell Phones: His guest appearance on Conan and goes on an entertaining rant about kids and cell phones.

13. Between Two Ferns With Brad Pitt: Zach Galifianakis asks all sorts of wonderfully uncomfortable questions to Brad Pitt.

14. 11 Guilty Dogs: It’s more cute than funny and at under 2 minutes, how can you resist the cuteness?

15. The Beygency from SNL: What happens when you don’t like Beyonce… in the form of a movie trailer.

16. Lip Sync Battle With Paul Rudd: Jimmy Fallon has lots of good Lip Sync battles. Emma Stone’s is quite funny too.

17. We Need More Cowbell: One of the all time best Saturday Night Live skits.

18. Single Ladies on SNL: An awesome skit featuring Beyonce and her backup dancers, Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg and Bobby Moyninhan dancing to Single Ladies.

19 John Oliver’s Home Depot Ad: Because Lowes is deploying robots in their stores, the hilarious team at John Oliver created the perfect commercial for Home Depot.

20. I am John Oliver and John Stewart is still not here: A great montage of John Oliver filling in for John Stewart on the Dailey Show while Stewart was on hiatus, explaining all of the bizarre places that he has gone.

21. Laughing Babies Compilation: It’s hard not to laugh at babies laughing hysterically, especially with this 3 minute compilation of some of the best laughing baby clips around the web.

22. Hotel Hell: Gordon Ramsay Visits James Corden’s B&B:  Late Late Show host James Corden invites Gordon Ramsay to his “home-tel” for an honest evaluation of his latest side business. What ensues is hysterical.

23. James Corden Joins the Phantom of the Opera: James has so many funny sketches, but this is another one of my favorites.

24. Brothers Convince Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse: After their little sister woke up from getting her wisdom teeth removed, still groggy and high on medication, her brothers convince her that their city is being attacked by zombies.

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