30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge…Who’s In?


Today starts the first day of my 30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge.

I’ve felt pretty sluggish all winter and it shows!  My best friend in New York and I were chatting that we need to step it up a bit.  She’s had two children in the past few years and well…I’ve just gotten lazy and have no excuse.

So here is our plan:

•Start the 30 Day Fitness Challenge we created that gets back to basics (click the link to print your own worksheet)

•Obviously this will take more time out of our day as we progress.  We are allowing ourselves to split the daily challenge up however we wish as long as we complete it all by the end of the day

•Participate in other exercise (which will come naturally with races we are training for and the time change and warmer weather will help)

•Check in with each other almost daily (which will probably result in a lot of friendly taunting 🙂 )

I just finished Day 1 and this will be a pretty challenging one!

Join us on this journey and keep us updated on your progress!

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