The Power of The Challenge


The Challenge is a powerful resource! iChallengeHub will provide you with ideas to help you explore the things that interest you, build new behaviors, and create healthy habits that stick, in the form of mini and 30-day challenges.

Mini Challenges motivate and inspire. 30 day challenges are powerful tools for change because they force you to do (or not do) one thing every single day, even if that something is small. iChallengeHub will provide you with mini and 30-day challenge ideas for all aspects of your life, including fitness, food, self improvement, learning, productivity, relationships, and organization that are designed to help you focus on the process of taking action every single day, because the consistency of action is what leads to change.

I’ve spent the past two years taking and making monthly challenges for myself and my family, in a quest to become healthier more productive and inspired. From learning the piano to writing a book to giving up sugar, my successes and failures have given me (and my family) a priceless education on the power of discipline, self-control, and the development of good habits. I’ve enjoyed the process immensely and have learned firsthand that continuous improvement and the commitment to investing in yourself pays dividends. This is why I keep taking on new challenges, and it’s why I you should give it a try as well.

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