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Hi – I’m Anna – full time working Mom of two.  I started experimenting with mini and 30-day challenges in 2015 in an effort to get my Son to spend more time being active and less time in front of video games.   After that, it was a 30-day challenge for my Husband to get in shape.  Then it was a mini 14-day challenge for my daughter to get organized.  It then occurred to me that I live in a 75% competitive house.  2 out of the 4 of us are extremely competitive, 1 very competitive, and then myself, who is semi competitive. All 4 of us enjoy rewards for accomplishments.  Throughout the process of designing several mini and 30-day challenges, it occurred to me that many others could benefit from this type of structured challenge to keep them on track.  From fitness and nutrition challenges to learning how to play the guitar or becoming a better friend, I’ve explored things that help me build better habits, get healthier, more productive, creative and inspired.

Since I began this journey, I’ve had many ups and downs but one thing remains consistent that the structure and regimen of a challenge has kept me on track time and time again, when I would have fallen “off track” and the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a challenge has kept me inspired to continue with my self improvement and motivational mindset.

Not all challenges have been successful, and not everything I’ve attempted has turned into a habit (although many have). But I have learned how to follow through on the things I set out to do – even when I didn’t want to.

My hope is that my successes and failures can inspire you to make your own positive changes. And you can give yourself permission to explore and try things out and step out of our comfort zones, one day…or month… at a time.

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